Monday, January 12, 2015

Escorts of Richard Lugner

Those people who accompany someone for pay to an event, called escorts. What we call guests of Richard Lugner who’d created a tradition inviting celebrities to the Vienna Opera Ball.

Star guest of last year Kim Kardashian’s dissing because of leaving from the ball. Kim'd reportedly for $500.000 attended the event but she left earlier.

Not in this gown but also Kathy Schmitz took part on the outstanding event. The 24 year old ex Playboy model's the 5th wife of the extravagant billionaire.

Are the star celebrities escorts on these events?

Guest list begins with Gina Lollobrigida who had been invited in 1991 and she took part at the Vienna Opera Ball in 2013 again.

Escort professional does not mean a sexual service necessarily. Richard Lugner’s a 81 year old shopping mall owner who promoted his business with inviting the well-known celebrities to the Vienna Opera Ball.

Thais the Russian beauty from the UK escort database of Escortprofil
Some of the recently and earlier celebrities had begun as escort before they became star but Lugner’s guest had to get well-known name for the orbital star earning.

Paris Hilton the professional celeb was the 17th guest of Richard Lugner at the Vienna Opera Ball 2007.

Lugner's famous stars're mentioning on the official website of the Vienna Opera Ball but it isn't written who'll be the choosen star in this year. We still have to wait for the identity of the lucky star.